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The Ideal spot for Bonsai is in filtered sun outside.
2nd choice is morning sun afternoon shade.
Indoors: only with lots of sun light.
(it is recommended to take bonsai outdoors into sun and let it stay out over night, often)

RULE OF THUMB:   Take a pinch of soil from pot; 
Press it between your thumb and finger;
If it doesn’t stick together slowly add water to the surface.
1-Watering:  flood or soak tree each time you water; then let it dry out before watering again

2-Deep Water Once Per Week

Place Bonsai in a large enough bucket, pot, plastic tub etc.
Careful not to put pressure on branches; this might create air pockets in soil            which will cause roots to dry out and die.
Fill tub with water just  below the top of the pot.
Let Bonsai soak for several hours, over night or all day.
Remove Bonsai and let it drain thoroughly.
Place Bonsai on a basin to protect your furniture; 
Watch watering video @

Once per month during growing season follow instructions on any common fertilizer: how much  to use on what size plant.
I like liquid indoor plant food best.

For flowering plants be sure to feed with phosphorus such as rose food or African violet food.

If you have an acid loving tree, such as azaleas, camellias etc. be sure to use acid fertilizer.

All year round, pick off a twig or leaf to create the look you want.
Each tree has had its roots pruned you simply keep the tree looking the way you like.